About the Project

This project aims to create a volunteer management system for the purpose of supporting progressive organizations such as the Green Party, Democratic candidates, and volunteer-driven social organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

NEW! -- OpenHive Demo

Use Cases

To understand how the software should work, the following examples describe it from a user's perspective. While we may never implement every feature necessary to realize these use cases, they should hopefully provide a guide for the types of features needed.

Design Info

We will be building the tool from the H4HSF (Habitat For Humanity - San Francisco) volunteer manager. This system is incomplete but close enough to usability that getting it to production quality should be straightforward. Longer term, the following pages illustrate some of the conceptual goals we're shooting for, and should give a vision for changes needed in the software.

Open Tasks

The following tasks need to be done soonish; let me know if you want to take one - email bryce at bryceharrington dot com.

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